Your Stay

A Place Where the Healing Process Begins for Families

Unfortunately, many families arrive at Family House feeling anxious, desperate, frightened, and worried while facing a medical emergency in an unfamiliar city. While many of our patients and families are experiencing transplantation, surgery, and treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses, others have come to Pittsburgh unexpectedly due to traumatic accidents or an abruptly diagnosed emergency. These guests may arrive without the necessities of modern life, such as identification, checks, credit or debit cards, and often without even the most basic or appropriate clothing for weather conditions. They are exhausted and confused, facing days or months of medical treatment or long periods of sitting at a loved one’s bedside.

It is for all these people that Family House exists. Our house is a nurturing environment with stocked pantries, hundreds of friendly and compassionate volunteers, and many of the comforts of home. We provide guests with the most basic necessities – a bed and bath – as well as peace-of-mind, comfort, and security. Within our walls, new friends experiencing similar situations are brought together, creating a sense of hope and community. Family House truly is a place where families come to heal.

Staying at Family House was like coming home each day. I was comfortable, relaxed, and had everything I needed. I wouldn’t change a thing.