A message from Executive Director Jennifer N. March

Dear Friend,

I am writing today to let you know that I’ve made the difficult, yet responsible decision to transition away from my role at Family House after nearly seven years as Executive Director.  I am grateful for the honor and privilege of leading this extraordinary jewel of an organization during my tenure.

These past several years represent a pinnacle moment in Family House’s 40-year history, culminating in the consolidation of the organization into a single location and placing it on solid footing as it prepares for the next phase of its service to the traveling patient and caregiver community.  I am proud to have been part of a devoted and mission-driven team that came together to fulfill the strategic vision set forth by the Family House Board of Directors more than eight years ago.  I have loved, and will always cherish, my time as Executive Director of Family House.  Yet, I also recognize it is time for a new leader to take the helm as Family House enters into its next exciting chapter.

I will remain in my role for the next several months, and I look forward to serving with members of the Family House Board on the Search Committee to identify and hire my successor.  In the interim, I look forward to continue working with Family House’s dedicated volunteers and staff to welcome and support the patients and caregivers we serve each day.  I also look forward to seeing you at this year’s Family House Polo Match at Hartwood Acres on September 9, when we kick off the 40th anniversary celebration of this wonderful organization.

I am ever grateful for what you and all of the incredible donors, partners, and friends with whom I’ve worked over these past nearly seven years have contributed to the Family House mission.  You are truly a gift to this organization!  Your continued, generous support will ensure that Family House thrives in its beautiful new future and forever “home away from home.”

Until we cross paths again, thank you for your generosity, encouragement, and support for Family House and for me, personally, throughout my tenure.

With continued best wishes for good health,

Jennifer N. March
Executive Director